Monday, November 23, 2009

flying into brooklyn and new apartment!

Continuing where I left off...

The flight wasn't so bad. I had the seat next to me open (luckily) so Riley and I were able to sleep comfortably. He really only got annoyed and fussy the last hour and a half or so.

We de-planed and were met at the airport by one extremely douchey driver. I looked all over for him, and specifically requested in-airport pickup because there was no freakin way in hell that I was going to be able to maneuver Riley in his stroller, pick up four extremely heavy suitcases and a huge carseat and make it outside. This man disappeared for like 10 minutes looking for a luggage cart. Um, hellloooo?? There's about a zillion around the baggage carousel!!! I think this man was seriously just looking around outside for one that someone left on the curb. Cheap jerk. Eh, anyway, he drove us to our gorgeous hotel (heh, yeah right) in downtown Brooklyn-- about a block from the projects. That's what you get when your boss is too cheap to provide accomodations for your arrival into the city, I suppose.

Tuesday and Wednesday was all about getting into our new place. This is honestly the nicest place I have ever seen in NY. It is all brand new, stainless steel appliances, 2 beds and 2 baths. It's insane. (But also insanely small.)

The top left is the kitchen (obviously), the one to the right of that is the master, and the one below is Riley's room. I'll try and get more pics soon!
So we are officially here, getting our things delivered one by one. The majority of our stuff from LA will be coming tomorrow. I honestly don't have any idea as to where we are going to put half of it! I think I might be selling more on craigslist...
The biggest adjustment for us is the grocery shopping and the public transportation. The subway is really easy to get around on, but it's not so stroller-friendly. I have had a few people carry my stroller down the steps for me, which is super nice!, but other than that it's a little hard to maneuver around. We are used to just getting in the car and going--but even when my car gets here I can't imagine that we will be driving much.
I can't wait for our lives to me more "normal."

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