Wednesday, April 8, 2009

been a while.

Little man is 5 months old already! He is learning so much-- like how to roll (he only plays on his belly now) and is exhibiting such an incredible personality.
We went for pictures on March 28. I am so happy with how they turned out. Riley was such a great sport (I wasn't sure how he would handle 3 outfit changes, but he smiled in just about every picture!) Here's a couple for your viewing pleasure:

He has also started eating solids! He loves his peas, sweet potatoes, pears, and apples. In fact, I had just started him on them about a month ago (mostly just at night when we got home from daycare). He started noticing that the other kids at daycare were getting to eat solid foods and he wasn't! So, he went on strike and would not eat anything until they gave him what the other kids were eating! Already wanting to grow up and show everyone that he can do what the other kids do, such a smart boy!
We are really excited because Grandma and Auntie Meagan are coming to visit us this weekend! We are going to have so much fun, and can't wait to show them how big Riley is getting!
That's it for now-- I'm hoping to start updating more :-)

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